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Meadow Class

Our animal is a firefly.

Our class is a nurture class.

We are all new children to Kings Meadow. We focus on building relationships and addressing children's needs by providing fun, engaging activities based upon their ability and interests. We are working on developing our teamwork skills.

We like to learn by exploring our environment and by taking part in active, creative tasks. Circle time is a big part of our learning where we play games, and practice our communication skills and turn taking.

We like to play in the garden and on the adventure playground. We enjoy structured playtimes and are learning to play ‘farmer, farmer’ and ‘what's the time Mr. Wolf’ where we are learning to take turns and accept loosing. We enjoy celebrating our achievements and love moving up the rainbow wall and showing Mrs. Mc Cormack our work for the gold book, we also enjoy receiving certificates in celebration assembly at the end of each week.