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Woodland Class

Our class animal is a fox.

In our class we are independent learners.

We enjoy having our own responsibility for our learning. The learning is personalised and if we struggle the adults get creative!

We enjoy taking part in craft activities and like to try using different materials such as clay and wool. We enjoy sporting activities such as basketball and football. We have also been able to have fun in basketball matches with other schools.

We work hard at playing together and practice using team work. We enjoy running about outside and exploring our school environment. We enjoy celebrating success in class and look forward to earning various rewards and prizes. We actively focus on our school values. We achieve them through our learning and play.

Our class is very lucky to use and extra room called the Treehouse, this is used as a games room where we can have fun doing quiet activity's and playing pool!

We like sharing our achievements with the adults around school and enjoy sharing our work with Mrs. Mc Cormack for the gold book, we also enjoy receiving certificates in celebration assembly at the end of each week.