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Mission and Vision Statement

School Purpose 

Our school purpose is to develop our children’s belief in themselves so that they can achieve success in a wide range of ways and flourish as life-long learners. 

School Mission 

Our approach to fulfilling our purpose is through a strong focus on developing the ability of our children to communicate effectively. Effective communication is fundamental to the development of the whole child. It is an essential part of building positive relationships and engaging in the learning process. 

Our mission is to teach each of our children to become effective communicators so that they can: 

  • make sense of their place in the world 
  • learn how to build positive relationships with others 
  • recognise their feelings and emotions and express them clearly 
  • understand and respect the thoughts and feelings of others 
  • be able to ask for what they want and need 
  • engage in different types of learning and experience success 

School Vision 

Our vision is to become a centre of excellence for the development of effective communication skills in children with social, emotional and mental health needs. 

To do this, we will: 

  • ensure our practice meets the five Good Communication Standards, developed by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) 
  • take an Attachment Aware and Trauma Responsive approach (AATR) to emotional regulation and the use of behaviour as a form of communication